​​Wealth of Wellness ~ Cancer Support Community Arizona

The mission of Cancer Support Community Arizona is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by community. So that no one faces cancer alone. Cancer Support Community Arizona (CSCAZ) opened its doors in 1998. CSCAZ is part of the Cancer Support Community Affiliate Network that has over 50 local sites across North America. They provide a full range of support programs for people with cancer and their loved ones in a comfortable home-like setting, at no cost.

Through our partnership with the Cancer Support Community we intend to provide cancer patients, survivors and family members much needed support via classes, products, individual services and consultations. Citifarms and Urban Wellness will provide yoga classes and therapy, life coaching, cooking, nutritional and general wellness education and products (Microgreens) all free of charge. The annual budget for delivery of these services is $90,000.

Wealth of Wellness ~ Gregory’s Fresh Market

Gregory’s Fresh Market  enriches lives of over 7000 seniors annually by providing access to fresh produce through on-site (mobile) farmers’ markets and programs in health nutrition, fitness and education. Gregory’s Fresh Market now intends to open its first permanent location at 2024 N 7th Street in the same building currently occupied by Citifarms.

Recognizing the compatible missions, complementary programs and unique strengths of the two organizations a combined facility will allow greater operating efficiency and enable assets to be better utilized to serve the Phoenix “food deserts” and the disadvantaged populations that reside within them. Specifically we are seeking donations for infrastructure improvements and year one operating expenses. 

Wealth of Wellness ~ Future Stars

Future Stars Global Foundation  is a community foundation whose mission is to support the betterment and advancement of our Greater Phoenix Community. Future Stars Global Foundation offers several programs to help young people to get involved, to give back to the community and to live healthier and happier lives. Programs include: STEM support, Johnny’s Closet and Youth Scholarships. 

The partnership between Wealth of Wellness and Future Stars Global will present educate school age athletes on the practices of wellness and healthy eating. Along with educational information products will be available for the athletes, exp.; wheat grass shot, antioxidant micro greens and drinks that would help in alkalization of the body for recuperation and energy naturally. The educational team and the food products will travel from school to school in a food truck. We are seeking funding for start-up costs (including the food truck) and year one operating expenses.

Wealth of Wellness ~ Arizona School for the Arts

Arizona School for the Arts  is a non-profit public charter school in Phoenix, Arizona. Emphasis is placed on a college preparatory curriculum and the performing arts.

Through our partnership with the Arizona School for the Arts we intend to provide education on nutrition, healthy lifestyles and local gardening/farming techniques to high school students. Additionally we will provide nutritious snacks and lunches to the students all for no cost. Most prominently the program will feature an internship program at Citifarms for seniors (4th year students) and a new course on indoor farming being inserting into the school’s core curriculum.