Music is in her blood. She first stepped into a music studio at 7 years old just as her adopted mother fell victim to a life threatening illness and was
hospitalized in intensive care. There, trembling, Samantha made her first
recording, a tremulous “get well” audio, where she poured all her heart in,
hoping this would help bring her mother home so she could see her again.
Little did she know that her mother was pronounced dead but her grandmother insisted the doctors play the recording and, to everyone’s shock, her mother’s fingers moved to the sound of her daughter’s plaintive voice. The story of this recording and her mother’s miracle recovery was reported in several newspapers & magazine articles. A breakthrough comma patients can hear. Samantha’s connection to the recorded voice and to music has only grown deeper over the years. As a teen, she surrounded herself with friends who were in bands, or worked for companies in the entertainment industry. In 1996 Samantha met Chester Bennington who was singing in a local band in Arizona called, “Grey Daze”. They were married that same year. Samantha always supported her then husband in his musical endeavors and when an opportunity presented itself in 1998 to join another band, she encouraged him to explore it and supporting him in every way. Chester successfully auditioned and became the lead singer for “Linkin Park”, then named “Xero”. Their relationship, surviving several bouts of addiction and recovery was public fodder until they divorced in 2005.

Samantha credits the support, wisdom, and encouragement of her broad circle of friends. With profound insight into the workings of the music industry and the psychology of success, Samantha created Rhythm Kittens, a burlesque dance troupe that featured the best of modern jazz, hip -hop, Hula, Latin, dancing. Though this was a powerful (and sexy) outlet, Samantha sought other pathways for her to function as a skilled muse, working behind the scenes to get real talent seen and successful. She founded an independent label called, “SAM Records”. Standing for “Surface to Air Missile” in the military, this name reflected her precise and decisive business mind and ear for talent. She soon signed a South African band called, “The Narrow”. Turning inward, and inspired by her son, Draven, she recorded a children’s meditation CD, introducing music & meditation to infants & young children (Mom and Draven have been
meditating together since he was 2, instilling in him what she calls “an amazing calmness in his being that he will carry throughout his entire life.”

In 2007 she went back to school with ICA, an on-line school, to solidify and fill out her life coaching skills. Feeling that she has found a ground for all her natural and professional abilities, she started, “Creative Life Coaching”, where she takes on private clients, coaching them into both internal and external success. Along with being a Certified Life Coach , Samantha continued her education and became a Certified Advanced DNA Theta Healer. You can find Theta Healers at www.thetahealers.com. Returning to her roots, in 2012, Samantha started independent consulting, developing & producing new and rising acts across genres. 

Continuing her work as a coach and hostess of artists and musicians from around the world in her wonderland Southern California home, Samantha created her first television show in 2012, working title, “Hollywood House Guests” – tracking the wild and warm traffic of celebrities and hopefuls through her hallways and in her tender care and knowing guidance. The show is currently being shopped to the networks. The adventure continues and Samantha is now blogging for Certainlyher.com Magazine as a Writer/Editor & she is loving the additional outlet to reach so many people with this fun new platform.



Siri's introduction to raw foods occurred in the early 1980’s when she was
diagnosed with fibroid tumors of the uterus. As the doctor left the exam room, the nurse said to her that if she had the fibroids removed surgically, they would more than likely come back. Little did she know that Siri had no intention of ever having surgery. A friend of hers also just been diagnosed with fibroid tumors but was told by a raw food advocate who had healed herself of leukemia that the fibroids could be healed with a raw food diet, colonics, herbs, fasting and wheatgrass therapy. She immediately adopted this regime and began the colonics, sprouting, juicing and eating 95% raw food. Six months later her girlfriend was pregnant; which the fibroids had been preventing and 1 year later the grapefruit sized tumor she had developed was also gone. With these examples of natural healing at a personal level, Siri decided to devote more time in obtaining more knowledge and modalities for self-healing. She became an Iridologist, a
massage therapist, nutritionist, aromatherapist, Quantum Bio-Feedback technician. Some of her personal clients became pregnant, healed gout, migraine headaches, liver spots, complexion issues and digestive disorders.


Patricia (Patty) Edgelow spent most of her adult life in the Sacramento and
Lake Tahoe area before meeting Doug and moving to Phoenix. As a single
parent with five children, she attended college while working full time. She has served on several Boards including Parents Without Partners with 1200 members in Sacramento and won Mother of the Year award. Patty also served on her Church Board as a volunteer in charge of International Affairs and organized and led Work and Witness groups of children and adults to underprivileged communities in Mexico.

She has been an entrepreneur and involved in a variety of business enterprises including auto repair, mini storage, agriculture and two window companies as well as a window distribution company in San Diego. She has had a lifelong interest in healing and spirituality. Patty’s
inspiration to create a wellness center came partially through her personal experiences with women shelters and seeing how effective programming was. She is a master gardener and a Reiki Master. She loves to travel and experience different cultures and people.



Graduating with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Douglas J. Edgelow started a landscaping and garden center business to finance his way through University in Calgary and Saskatoon, Canada. Ten years later the combined companies were employing over 300 and had locations in 25 centers across Canada. Determined to bring professionalism to the industry, Doug also served as President of the Alberta Landscape Trades Association. His landscape Company, Palliser Environs, won over 20 beautification awards in Alberta including hard and soft landscape of the Olympic Plaza where the Calgary Winter Olympic ceremonies were held. As a full service landscape company, Palliser Environs did everything from full design services to irrigation, installation and maintenance of both
commercial and residential projects. Not content to remain a sub-trade, Doug decided that hereally wanted to be more involved in the real estate development business. Doug moved his family to Honolulu where he attended Chaminade University and graduated summa cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration majoring in International Business. While there, he wrote his thesis on the debacle of the Savings & Loan failures in the Southwestern United States during the Resolution Trust Corporation days. Seeing an opportunity Doug relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and initially worked with Peter Thomas who had been successful in taking the Century 21 franchise across Canada. Not content to work for someone, Doug started his own company and went on to develop real estate on his own.

Over the last 20 years, Doug has developed over a thousand condominiums with partners and his own resources including a 17-story high-rise condominium project, which won a prestigious “Pillar Award” for the best adaptive re-use project in the USA from the National Homebuilders Association. He also won a “Red” award for the development of his Hilton Garden Inn in Phoenix. Doug has developed commercial and residential projects in the metropolitan Phoenix area as well as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (www.equuscorp.com).  Doug is an avid yoga practitioner and currently owns a yoga studio with his daughter in Phoenix (www.urbanyogaphx.com). He has traveled extensively throughout the world and now is also working on an urban farming concept utilizing LED lights and hydroponics (www.citifarms.com) and a wellness center (www.urbanyogawellness.com) furthering his intense interest in healthy living. Doug continues to develop real estate and seek out exceptional investment opportunities.


Teri has been a mentor more than 100 national nonprofit organizations and their leaders, coaching them on using non-traditional and strategic approaches to achieve success. She has served on a variety of education, technology and nonprofit boards and committees. Teri served seven years as Advertising and Community Relations Director for Motorola, was National Manager of Corporate Communications for Vista Care and served 15 years for Avnet as Director and Vice President of Community Relations and Public Affairs traveling worldwide and informing its 17,000 employees before retiring from the Corporate world. Recently, Teri has embarked on a new career path as a certified mixologist. After two months in this new field, she’s been named head bartender at a Hyatt property in Scottsdale, AZ.

During her tenure in Corporate America, Teri was well-known as a mentor, an excellent communicator and a passionate advocate for the nonprofit community. Teri earned dozens of awards over her 30 year career, in local, national and international markets including community relations person of the year in 2007 and a non-profit PR award in 2006 recognizing partnering with community colleges. Teri has a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Masters of Business Administration. 

Teri brings to the hospitality industry a wealth of experience and leadership. She hopes to spend more time donating her bartending skills to nonprofit fundraisers and donating her corporate skills (marketing, advertising, media relations, social media and special event planning) to the hospitality industry.


Anthony grew up in Arizona and Aguaprieta Sonora, Mexico. Graduating
from the University of Oregon in Sociology and Business Management,
Anthony is fluent in Spanish. He traveled the world playing professional
basketball which has helped off court endeavors as an Entrepreneur.
Raised by a Mother from Mexico and guided by his father Lafayette "Fat"
Lever, former 2 time NBA all-star, Fats Lever had an 11 year career and was in charge of player development for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA. His interests include travel, international affairs, exercising, Spanish TV NBA Analysis, exploring diverse cultures and cuisines. Volunteer work for several charitable organizations nationally and internationally.



Jason Morris is a founding partner of Withey Morris, PLC. Experienced and effective, his dynamic presentations at public hearings on behalf of his clients prove that an attorney can be both personable and tenacious. While attending the University Of Arizona College Of Law, Jason was the
Managing Editor of the Arizona Law Journal of International & Comparative Law. Jason also spent time as a congressional staff member in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, his practice has been exclusively in land use, government relations, zoning, and administrative law. His experience in the field includes all levels of entitlement throughout the state. In addition, he is a frequent guest lecturer and expert participating in industry roundtables, media appearances and academic panels. His expertise has been critical to state legislative efforts surrounding land use over the past two decades and his cases include many of the area’s most significant and notable developments. His client list includes several national homebuilders, master plan developers, commercial-industrial land owners, national retailers, and Fortune 100 companies.


John has over 25 years of leadership experience in business. Over the course of that time that time he has initiated, negotiated and closed over 50 corporate finance transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $3.5 billion. John’s business career includes tenures with Fortune 500 companies including ABN Amro, Citi, and Exelon. Additionally John has worked in several entrepreneurial enterprises in both operational and consultative roles. Over the entirety of John’s career he has consulted with hundreds of privately held, mid-sized businesses and advised a like number of senior executives and entrepreneurs.

John has spent the last decade active in the realm of helping and healing. As an avid yogi John became a certified yoga instructor in 2006 and has been teaching continuously since that time. In 2009 he conceived and founded Sanctuary Yoga as a spiritual oasis serving the Northshore of the Chicago. After earning his MAPC in 2013 John joined UHS (one of the country’s largest behavioral healthcare providers) where he successfully revamped a previously filing Partial Hospitalization Program. Today John leads A Transcendent Life, a life coaching firm he founded in 2014 and is an active member of management at Wealth of Wellness, a 501(c)(3).

John holds an MBA in Finance & Marketing from Northwestern University and a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University. On a personal note; John is the proud father of two young adult daughters.


Archie W. Welch, Jr. is the Owner/Operator of IVA Management Consulting, LLC which was established in 1990. Mr. Welch is a professional advisor in the areas of corporate performance, fiscal planning, political coaching, governmental relations and community building/development. He is the current Chairman of the Arizona African-American Democratic Caucus in Maricopa County. As a community advocate, Mr. Welch serves on several boards of directors: Kingdom Communities of the Valley, Gregory’s Fresh Marketplace, and Community Educational Services, Inc. He also serves as an advisor on the African-American Police Advisory Board for the Phoenix Police Department. Mr. Welch works collaboratively with various community organizations and foundations in Phoenix, including the Area Agency on Aging and Arizona Center on Disabilities Law Organization. Mr. Welch has mobilized professionals to transform communities and corporations on local and
national levels. His extensive experience in governmental relations, strategic marketing and planning, community mobilization at all levels has been an asset to multiple states across the nation.